Daniel Muri: Strict Man Behind Kangaroo Shuttle and How He Outstripped Competitors To Build A Reputable Company

Daniel Muri: Strict Man Behind Kangaroo Shuttle and How He Outstripped Competitors To Build A Reputable Company

Many people who aspire to venture into the matatu sector are always attracted to the alluring thought of raking in thousands of shillings daily. However, this is not always the case given the challenges that have tightly gripped this industry.

For example, matatu owners part with over Ksh500 daily in order to oil the palms of traffic police officers and also lose a significant amount to dishonest conductors and drivers. Overall, the monthly insurance charge for matatus is as high as Ksh8,000. Proprietors are also supposed to pay over Ksh15,000 for an annual license to NTSA and part with approximately Ksh11,000 as an advance tax payment.

The said reasons are responsible to the high number of people who have failed in this sector. It is not uncommon to find a previously ambitious businessman left with a  wreck of a rotting Toyota Hiace, with all wheels removed and supported with two pairs of stones.

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Kangaroo Shuttle Story 

Despite the said constraints, one man, Daniel Muri has built a reputable public service company through a meticulous plan.

Kangaroo Shuttle was founded around 2010 with a few seven seater vans. The Toyota Townace vehicles, which have a streamlined front and an elevated rear mimic the shape of popular Australian Kangaroos, hence the name.

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It was not business as usual for Muri as he was out to establish himself as a king on the Kitale- Eldoret route. It was a norm that other matatu SACCOs in this route scrambled for customers and overloaded their vehicles. Additionally, most of them led to delays in roads through stopovers and abrupt change of routes.

The then greenhorn Kangaroo Shuttle chose to establish discipline and order. It had booking offices stationed in Kitale, Moi’s Bridge and Eldoret. Passengers were only required to book at the offices and board the vehicles for a smooth uninterrupted express journey.

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Around 2012 when Kenya began importing new model Toyota Hiace machines, Kangaroo Shuttle changed from the seven seater vans. The expansion of the company saw it take on a rigorous recruitment exercise for office clerks and drivers.

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To ensure competency, before recruitment of drivers, they would take on a road test under the careful watch of a company official. Any driver who did the unexpected along the way would face the chopping board.

It is such strictness that would sometimes see Daniel Muri take on the road just to oversee how his vehicles are being driven. Additionally, office clerks and drivers are expected to maintain etiquette when interacting with passengers.

Outstripping Competitors 

Kangaroo Shuttle has prioritized its service delivery and this has seen the company rise to unexpected levels. It has simply created raving fans in the name of passengers. For example, the 14 seater matatus carry only 11 passengers hence giving customers the comfort that was initially only a fantasy. The vehicles are also fitted with alarm buttons that enable commuters to signal the driver whenever one wants to disembark.

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Kangaroo Shuttle vehicles are all compliant with the laws and regulations set out with the authorities including functional speed governors. Because of this, the vehicles are rarely stopped by police officers soliciting for bribes.

The intensive cost-cutting measures and superb service delivery has seen the company emerge as the king of the Kitale – Eldoret – Nakuru highway. Currently, the company has over 100 vehicles to its name.

Routes and Charges 

The company has a plan to extend its services to Nairobi but currently has its offices in Nakuru, Eldoret, Matunda, Moi’s Bridge, Maili Saba and Kitale. They also offer parcel delivery services. Due to the current rise in petrol prices, Kangaroo Shuttle has also increased its fare rates.  The following are its charges as at 1st May, 2022.

  • Kitale – Eldoret    Ksh 250
  • Moi’s Bridge – Eldoret   Ksh 200
  • Kitale – Nakuru  Ksh 700

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Kangaroo Shuttle Officials 

According to data obtained from NTSA, the following are the officials of the company:

  • Daniel Muri – Chairman and founder
  • Josephine Githumbi – Accounts clerk
  • Peter Mwangi Mbuthia – Route Inspector
  • Ibrahim Ndirangu Ndungu – Route Inspector
  • Geoffrey Kiptanui Bett – Route Inspector
  • Ruth Wanjiku Macharia – Office Manager
  • Peter Meshack Mwaluka – Mechanic
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