Eva Kimani: Meet The Door-To-Door Mama Mboga Who Quit NGO Job

Eva Kimani is undoubtedly an extraordinary mama mboga. Despite her vibrant sense of style and fashion-forward appearance, Eva has carved a unique path for herself in the world of grocery shopping.

In this captivating article, WoK explores Eva’s journey from working in the NGO sector to co-founding a grocery shopping and delivery company. 

Bridging the Gap in Grocery Shopping

Eva Kimani found herself at a crossroads after her job contract ended. It was during this time that a friend introduced her to the idea of starting a grocery shopping company.

Recognizing the prevalent challenges people face in obtaining quality groceries and the scarcity of time, Eva saw an opportunity to bridge this gap. This is how her business was born. 

An Unconventional Career Journey

Eva’s journey to entrepreneurship is a tale of unwavering determination and the pursuit of her passion. With a double major in sociology and communications from the University of Nairobi, she always knew she wanted to work in the NGO sector.

Starting from the bottom, Eva immersed herself in clerical work in a government organization before transitioning to public relations.

However, her burning desire to make a difference led her to leave a secure job with the government and accept a lower-paying position at an NGO.

Embracing Entrepreneurship and Finding Fulfillment

After years of working in the NGO world, Eva’s enthusiasm began to wane. Seeking fulfillment beyond her public relations career, she embarked on a customer care training job in Ghana.

Despite the excitement of working abroad, Eva soon realized that the corporate world couldn’t offer her the same sense of purpose.

A Brilliant Idea Takes Root

Returning to Kenya, Eva found herself in a transitional phase, pondering her next move. It was during this time that her friend Njeri proposed the concept of grocery shopping and delivery.

Initially hesitant, Eva soon realized the immense demand for such services. Within weeks, Something Grown was established, providing personalized baskets of quality groceries.

Their business thrived, driven by word-of-mouth referrals and a dedication to exceptional customer service.

Seizing the Opportunity

During a period of introspection and conversations with friends, Eva discovered a common problem: the lack of time for quality grocery shopping.

Recognizing the potential in this untapped market, Eva and her business partner swiftly registered Something Grown and commenced operations.

They utilized their savings to fund the startup and started with family and friends as their initial clientele. Through word-of-mouth referrals, their customer base began to expand.

In a past interview with Daily Nation Joan Thatiah, the mama mboga shared how she buys the vegetables from the market before delivering to clients.

“I go to Marikiti market and the shambas every Wednesday and Friday to shop for vegetables which we then package in personalised baskets for each clients. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t look good”, she told the daily.

Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Quality

As with any entrepreneurial venture, Eva encountered obstacles along the way. Ensuring quality control became a priority for her business partner, while Eva focused on customer relations. Today, they manage a growing customer base with at least 60 weekly orders, including institutional clients.

To streamline logistics, Something Grown collaborates with a courier company for deliveries, allowing them to allocate their energies to other aspects of the business.

Nurturing the Dream and Looking to the Future

While the journey hasn’t been without its challenges, Eva remains committed to her vision. She dreams of sourcing products directly from farmers, reducing costs and supporting local agriculture. As she reflects on her upbringing in Nyeri, Eva envisions returning to a farm of her own someday.

Through her experiences, she shares valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of taking risks, utilizing acquired skills, and maintaining ethical business practices.

From Dreams to Reality – A Future Filled with Growth

Eva envisions a future where Something Grown directly sources products from farmers, supporting local agriculture and reducing costs for customers.

Her entrepreneurial journey has taught her the value of taking risks, leveraging acquired skills, and maintaining a clean business. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace their fears and seize opportunities that align with their passions.