Great Brains In Kenya That Passed Through Kagumo High School

By Prudence Minayo

Kagumo High School is a boys only national school whose exceptional performance has always made it a top choice for many students. The school is located between Kirichu and Kiganjo township at Kagumo near Karatina.

It was among the first schools in the country to allow native black Africans’ to sit for University Level Entrance Exams in 1946. Kagumo became a national school in 2012 with a student population of 1200. It has a very vibrant Old Boys Association involved in various projects at the institution.

Its alumni network is made up of notable personalities including politicians, lawyers, top CEOs and doctors. 

WoK compiled a list of the great brains that passed through Kagumo High School. 

Gibson Kamau Kuria 

He is a Kenyan constitutional lawyer born in 1947 who was a student at Kagumo from 1962-1967. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Upper Division) at the then University of East Africa.

This was followed by a Bachelor of Civil Law at Oxford University. The lawyer is the recipient of a number of awards and Recognitions including: Jurist of the Year Award by the International Commission of Jurist and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in 1988. 

Kennedy Murimi

He is the brains behind one of the most successful real estate company in Kenya. Kennedy Murimi founded the award winning Denvers Group Limited in his late 20s. The Kagumo High School old boy was feted for his achievements in the 2023 Pacesetters Awards held at Weston Hotel Nairobi. 

In his fourth year at KU, Kennedy Murimi landed a job with a real estate company. It is here that he honed his skills to become the success story he is today.

His company has also made inroads in the diaspora markets.

Ex-CS James Wainaina Macharia

Born in 1959, James Wainaina Macharia attended the University of Nairobi where he pursued a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

He is also a Certified Public Accountant. Former President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed him as Cabinet Secretary for Transport in November 2015 replacing the then acting CS Michael Kamau. Prior to this, he was the Cabinet Secretary for health. 

He has given back to the school that shaped him through contributing to the renovation projects involving Wilberforce and Washington House.

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Dr. James Mwangi 

Dr. James Mwangi is the Group Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of Equity Group Holdings CEO. As CEO, he is credited with democratizing financial access and was included among the Financial Times 2009 list of the Top 50 thought leaders of emerging markets and the top 20 most influential people in Africa.

For his A-level, he attended Kagumo High School, where he studied Economics, English Literature and Geography. 

Mr. Francis Muhindi

Mr. Francis Muhindi was in Kagumo High School between the years 1965-1970. In his O level, he got a Division 1 of 15 points and at the A-level got 3As and a B. He was one of the pioneers of Wildlife Clubs of Kenya while in school.

He served as the MD of Manpower Services Group which is involved in consultancy, recruitment and training. 

Prof Godfrey Muriuki 

Credited for being one of the founders of Dedan Kimathi University, Prof Godfrey Muriuki passed through Kagumo High School. He was admitted to the school in 1953 and joined the Wilberforce House.

He would make history in the school by being elected house prefect in form two, a position that had always been held by students from upper classes. In 1958, he became the captain of the school.

Dr. Dan Gikonyo 

Dr. Dan Gikonyo is a leading cardiologist in the country. He works at Karen Hospital, a facility he started alongside his wife Betty who is a pediatric cardiologist and serves as the CEO of the hospital. The revered doctor was in Kagumo from 1964-1969.

He was the chairman of the Christian Union and the head of Washington House. Dr. Gikonyo was the best student in the country in his O-level after he scored an unprecedented  six points which is like scoring As in all the subjects today. 

Hon Dr. Gitu Wa Kahengeri

Hon. Gitu Wa Kahengeri is an acclaimed freedom fighter who was a strategist during the Mau Mau fight for independence.

The former Juja MP was admitted to the school’s Gatitu location between 1940-1942. He joined Dormitory number two. He would later join Lioki Mission in Kiambu where he would complete his studies. 

Dr. Gideon Muriuki 

Dr. Gideon Muriuki was appointed Managing Director of Co-operative Bank of Kenya in 2001. He is credited for transforming the bank from a massive loss position of Sh2.3 billion in 2000 to Sh207 billion profit before tax in 2019.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, he joined the bank in 1996 where he first worked as Senior Corporate Manager. 

The bank has a foundation that offers support to over 1500 bright and needy students at both university and secondary level. Beneficiaries of this foundation include needy students from Kagumo High School. The Visionary leader joined Kagumo in 1978 and was admitted to Kraph House.