Inside Francis Atwoli Multimillion Lavish Kilifi Beach House

Francis Atwoli house in Kilifi PHOTO/COURTESY

Central Organisation of Trade Unions secretary general Francis Atwoli is not new to the ears of many owing to the fact that he is valiant, audacious, fearless and top of it a firebrand unionist.

The flamboyant politician has become a household name in the country following his viral exclamation ‘ala!’ ‘shenzi sana!’ among others which have always been used by mostly social media users in creating memes.

Atwoli, who is the only Secretary General for (COTU) to be re-elected five times unopposed has also proved in many occasions that he is a lover of fine things.

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Atwoli is real and does shy off from showing off his expensive lifestyle and personality to the world. His classy dressing codes customized with expensive jewelery make him complete fit for a king.

His exquisite multi-million Mansion in Kilifi County proves nothing less to opulence. His Bofa Ocean View Home in Kilifi has hosted both international delegates and local politicians.

Those inside the mansion get served with the majestic view of the ocean which make the ambience even more relaxing.

In some photos shared by Atwoli on social media shows that the home has a large compound and comprises of large glass windows.

His Kilifi home can perfectly be described as therapeutic and a perfect chill spot.

Atwoli hosts Rhumba musicians at his Bofa home PHOTO/COURTESY

Atwoli first showcased his Bofa Ocean View Home last year in November when he hosted former prime minister Raila Odinga and Kakamega women representative Elsie Muhanda.

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“Today with the Right Honourable @RailaOdinga and Mama Kakamega County, my Sister @ElsieMuhanda at my Bofa Ocean View Home in Kilifi county. God Bless,” Atwoli said.

Also in December last year, Raila visited his friend atwoli at his Kilifi home when he (Raila) was taking a break from intense political campaigns.

Raila was warmly welcomed by the vocal trade unionist and served a cup of coffee as they conversed while enjoying the view of the ocean.

“Having a cup of coffee with Baba @RailaOdinga at my Bofa Ocean View Home in Kilifi. Wonderful reflections,” Atwoli wrote on Twitter.

Atwoli and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga at the latter’s Bofa home PHOTO/COURTESY
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