Mary-Ann Musangi: From Managing Sh40 Billion Estate To Landing Gov’t Appointment

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe appointed Mary-Ann Musangi Kirubi to serve as a board member at the National Cancer Institute. The daughter of the late billionaire Chris Kirubi was left to manage his business empire estimated to be over Ksh40 billion.

In this article, WoK brings you her profile including her recent appointment at the State agency. 

Maryanne Kirubi Background

Mary-Ann Musangi was born in 1971 as the only daughter to the late billionaire Chris Kirubi and his official wife whom they would later divorce in 1999. She attended the prestigious University of Surrey in the United Kingdom (UK) where she acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business Administration and later a Master of Science in Management. His only brother and co-heir of the Ksh40 billion estate, Robert Kirubi, works for DHL Group in Europe.

They have a step sister known as Fiona Wambui Kirubi.

Career Journey

She began her career journey in 1994 while aged 23 years.  She worked for four years as a Media Manager and Account Director at Ogilvy and later on GSK as a group Product Manager before joining Coca-Cola Company as the Senior Marketing Manager. In 2006, she joined the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) group as Director of Marketing, a position she held for five years. In 2011, she joined family owned Woof! Advertising & Marketing Limited as a Marketer and a year later joined Croydon Limited as the Managing Director.

She was to late take the position of Managing Director at Haco Industries Limited where she serves to date. She currently sits on several boards of publicly traded and private companies including Haco Tiger Brands, Sidian Bank (formerly K-Rep Bank), UAP Investments Limited, Woof Advertising & Marketing Limited, Croydon Limited and Sheraton Rongai. She also operates two private restaurants, Secret Garden situated along Riverside Drive and Olpul located at the Two Rivers Mall.

Landing the government job

In a gazette notice dated Friday, July 29th 2022, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe named Mary-Ann Musangi as a member of the board at the National Cancer Institute. She will hold this position for three years. 

The National Cancer Institute is an organization established under the Kenya Cancer Prevention and Control Act (No. 15 of 2012). It is tasked with the responsibility of advising the Health Cabinet Secretary on matters of cancer and ensuring the establishment of hospitals, care centers and other institutions that are essential to the welfare of persons with Cancer across the country.