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Adam Johnson: Age, Parents, Career, Net Worth And Cause Of Death

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Suella Braverman: Husband, Age, Illustrious Career, Net Worth, and Controversies

Suella Braverman (born on April 3, 1980) is a prominent personality in British politics.

She was born in Harrow, Greater London and Raised in Wembley. The politician hails from a family with rich multicultural roots.

Suella parents, Uma and Christie Fernandes, are of Indian origin who immigrated to Britain in the 60s from Mauritius and Kenya respectively.

These rich cultural background played a pivotal role in influencing Braverman’s perspective and values.

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Educational Background

She began her educational journey at a local state school and later one joined a local private school.

This is where her academic prowess was demonstrated. Suella Braverman earned a scholarship to study law at Queens’ College, Cambridge. This exposure to diverse educational environments may have shaped her outlook in life and prepared her to public service and law.

Illustrious Career

Suella Braverman: Husband, Age, Illustrious Career, Net Worth, and Controversies
Suella Braverman | Getty images

Her career is punctuated by academic achievements and an unwavering commitment to the legal profession.

After her undergraduate, she joined University of Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne for a Master’s in Law. Braverman dedication paid off as she qualified as a New York Attorney, further cementing her global perspective and versatility in legal matters.

In 2015, Suella Braverman political journey began as the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Fareham.

Her political career was on an upward trajectory as she took on various government positions, culminating in her appointment as the Attorney General for England and Wales from 2020 to 2022.

On 24 October 2022, she took a giant leap when she took the role of Home Secretary, a position of significant responsibility within the British government.

Other notable positions she has held include, chair of the European Research Group, Attorney General for England and Wales.

Suella Braverman Husband

Suella Braverman: Husband, Age, Illustrious Career, Net Worth, and Controversies
Suella Braverman with her husband Rael Braverman | DailyMail

Away from her busy professional wife, Suella Braverman is married to Rael Braverman and they have two children, George and Gabriella. The couple tied the knot in February 2018 at the House of Commons.

Braverman has been able to balance her personal life and the commitments that her profession demand.


With such an illustrious career, Braverman has had her own share of controversies. Her public utterances have sparked heated debates, especially on matters to do with race, immigration, and multiculturalism.

She has been accused of far-right rhetoric on the backdrop of her comments on asylum seekers and immigrants which have fuelled debate about the direction of British policy.

In October 2022, she expressed reservations about Britain’s trade deal with India. According to Braverman the agreement could lead to increased immigration to the UK, citing concerns about Indian migrants being the largest group of visa overstayers.

These kind of remarks stirred mixed reaction, fuelling ongoing debates surrounding immigration policies in the country.

One of the most discussed aspects of her tenure is the stance she takes on addressing the issue of small boats crossing the English Channel with migrants who are seeking asylum.

While some applaud her stance on this thorny issue, others criticize her approach, underscoring the complexities of immigration policy in the modern day landscape.

She was tipped to take the role of Home Secretary and a month later she was appointed to the position under the leadership of Liz Truss.

She did not take long in the office as she was forced to resign after she shared official document from her personal email address with a colleague in Parliament in what was termed as an ‘honest mistake’.

Days laters (on October 25, 2022), she was reappointed as Home Secretary by Rishi Sunak on October 25, 2022, upon the formation of the Sunak ministry.

Legacy and Ongoing Career

The upheavals in her political life has not stopped Suella Braverman from holding prominent  position in the UK government. Even with the political storm she is facing, Suella Braverman will continue to shape the policies and contribute to the national discourse of British politics.

Suella Braverman
Suella Braverman | Getty images

Suella Braverman’s Net Worth

According to multiple online sources, Suella Braverman’s net worth is estimated to range between $4 million to $7 million as of 2023. Her financial might is attributable to her long career in politics where she has held powerful positions.

Her salary as Home Secretary is $190,940 per year. Her husband is a manager at the Mercedes-Benz Group where he also earns a tidy sum.