Eric Sila: Kitengela Boy Hawking Mangoes Despite Scoring 417 Marks in KCPE

Eric Mumo Sila is among Kenyan candidates who wrote their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination in 2022.

The 14-year-old managed to score 417 marks and he was placed at Oloolaiser High School in Ongata Rongai.

However, he is forced to stay out of school and hawk mangoes due to lack of school fees.

Here is Sila’s story as told by WoK.


Sila sat for his final primary school education at Kitengela Air View Education Center under a scholarship.

The results were read and the young boy was admitted to Oloolaiser High School, the only national school in Kajiado County.

He was expected to join his new school on February 6, but lack of school fees has forced him to stay out of school.

Sila lives with his parents in a single house in Norkopir which they were given by a well-wisher who learnt about their challenges.

In an interview with Nation, he noted that he always worked hard in school to score high grades so that he could save the situation back at home.

“Despite the hardship at our home, I worked very hard to post good grades. I have always wished to join Mang’u High School. I aspire to be a pilot but seemingly my star is fading away” Sila said.

During the day, Sila helps his mother with domestic chores and studying when he is not out hawking mangoes.

In the evening, he helps his other two siblings with their assignments and other school work.

“Being the first born I have to be there for my siblings as a role model both academically and morally. The willpower is ebbing out from me daily but I’m still hopeful,” he said.

His parents, John Sila and Nthenya Sila, said they were unable to afford the school fees because they are suffering from a medical condition.

“I used to do casual labour in construction sites until early last year when I developed a medical condition and I underwent an operation

“I’m helpless, especially now that my firstborn son cannot join high school,” John said.

On the other hand, Nthenya noted that despite her medical condition, she engages in menial jobs to make ends meet.

“The entire family has high hopes for our son. He is good in education and in case he gets help maybe one day will elevate us from poverty,” she said.

The family’s efforts to seek bursaries from the government and non-governmental organisations have not yielded any fruits.