Fred Ogola: Professor Decries Unlawful Sacking After Complaining Of Ksh 100K Salary

Governance and political expert Professor Fred Ogola is up in arms following the termination of his contract as a lecturer.

In a statement on Thursday, May 11, Ogola spoke on the termination of his contract as a Senior lecturer at a local university.

According to Kenyans, he received the termination letter while preparing his lectures for the day on April 6, 2023.

He termed the move as unexpected and unfair, adding that the institution did not give substantial reasons for his dismissal.

Ogola said he was dismissed from his job for securing an appointment with an higher learning institution in DR Congo.

However, the professor refuted the claims noting that his LinkedIn account had been hacked, and he was not aware of such an appointment.

“I woke up one day and noticed that people were sending me congratulatory messages but I did not know why they were sending them

“I then realised that someone had hacked my account and shared that I was starting a position as Dean of a university in DRC. I had to go back and delete that message because it was false,” Ogolla said.

He also mentioned that he was fired for inviting the media to a school event without the management’s board authority.

“There is no way I would have shared the content they wanted because that is against media ethics. I cannot share the content of a media house that they have not yet published

“That media house even wrote to them to tell them that things don’t work like that,” Ogola defended himself.

Ogola had earlier complained of earning Ksh 100,000 from the institution.

The professor was a Senior Lecturer of Strategy at Strathmore University Business School (SBS).

He is an international faculty member with IESE Business School, Spain (Leading Executive Education Business School in the world) and St Gallen University.

Ogola has trained several boards including AMREF, Crystal Ventures (Rwanda), Trade and Development Bank, STIMA SACCO, Federation of Kenya Employers, Apex Porter Noveli and State Department Cooperatives among many others.

At the same time, he has advised several Small Medium Enterprises in structuring their management processes and setting their government structures.

Ogola holds a PhD and Master’s Degree in Management Science and Innovation with a focus on strategy and execution from ESADE Business School in Barcelona Spain.


In 2017, Ogola was arrested in connection with the death of his 27-year-old wife, Rebecca Gobi Mwachongo.

He was accused of killing his wife at their home in Lavington, Nairobi, and was released on a bond of Ksh 100,000 while pending investigation.

The professor was thought to have physically assaulted his wife leading to her death, although he denied the same maintaining that her death was unfortunate.

According to Ogola, the incident happened when he was about to get out of the house to deliver a package to a friend.

He noted that they got into a confrontation after his wife told him that he was not going anywhere, and she pushed him on the bed.

Ogola said he managed to leave the house leaving his wife in their bedroom but he received a call from the house help who told him that his wife was on the floor groaning in pain.

He immediately rushed home and sought the help of the neighbors to rush him to the hospital, spending the night at Aga Khan Hospital.

His wife died a day later, leaving behind a 6-week-old son.