How Adnest Africa is Offering Ideal Campaign Solutions to Kenyan Politicians

The August 9, 2022, General Elections is sure to be one for the record books, and as it draws closer, politicians across the country have stepped up their campaign game, rigorously traversing various parts in a bid to woo Kenyans to elect them.

What has posed a challenge to many incumbent and aspiring leaders ahead of the general polls, is the campaign artillery. A number of politicians have faced challenges such as campaign vehicles, and finances, while for others, it has majorly been a strategy issue. However, a number of companies have stepped up to fill the void, and ahead of the pack is Adnest Africa.

Founded in the year 2015, Adnest Africa is an Out Of Home advertising company that offers clientele unique, custom-tailored outdoor advertising and signage solutions to help maximise their revenue.

According to the company mission, Adnest Africa seeks to positively impact their clients’ brands’, improving their visibility by providing innovative and effective outdoor advertising solutions.

How Adnest Africa is Offering Ideal Campaign Solutions to Politicians
|Courtesy| Adnest Africa|

The company has partnered with multiple global conglomerates to showcase their brands in various parts of the country through various media. These include mall advertising, billboards, corporate branding, transit media, and digital screens among others.

Under the company’s outdoor advertising solutions is StickerRide, an advertising package that affords clients the opportunity to have their products, or themselves, in the case of politicians, branded on vehicles for effective visibility to the general public.

This service best addresses the needs of many politicians during the campaign period, according them the much-needed publicity as they peddle their manifestos to members of the public.


For politicians, this service eliminates the headache of having to buy campaign vehicles, and hire drivers, among other crew members to operate them. StickerRide caters for all that at a monthly fee.

Over the past few months, there have been reported incidents of politicians going to the extent of branding government vehicles for campaigns, while others rush to buy campaign vehicles, with sellers hiking prices, making the process tedious for some, but with, StickerRide, worry no more.

The platform helps make effective on-vehicle advertising by means of a mobile application. It allows the leaders to monitor their campaigns in real-time as well as track and measure their effectiveness.

StickerRide brands vehicles with the politician’s image, and a snippet of their electoral agenda, exposing them to a huge audience as the vehicles ply their trade across various parts of the country.

How Adnest Africa is Offering Ideal Campaign Solutions to Politicians
A StickerRide branded car. |Courtesy| Adnest Africa|

To use StickerRide, one is required to launch a campaign through the official application on their devices, after which brand ambassadors apply for the politicians’ campaign and get stickers installed on their vehicles.

The branded cars then proceed to operate around the cities creating an advertising reach. The leaders are able to control the campaigns and KPIs in real-time. This ensures the services are worth their investment. From the comfort of their phones, they are able to monitor whether the vehicles are in operation, the areas traversed, the distance covered, and the time spent in each of the regions.

By monitoring the analytics on the application, one is able to track all metrics (number of cars, miles, geo zones) and marketing KPIs (Impressions, GRP, Reach) in real-time. The campaign status in real-time through heat maps, car routes and driver’s activity can also be monitored through the App.

StickerRide enables politicians to know the drivers representing them by their social media profiles, car photos, and miles driven. They can also gain access to the advertiser’s online cabinet where they can produce detailed reports, including all KPIs and campaign status.

The company fosters a positive relationship between the politicians and the drivers, ensuring better, faster, and more efficient campaigns.

Adnest Africa also offers other countrywide advertising options to its clientele ranging from billboards, street poles, in-store supermarket digital screens, and bus parks.


The StickerRide app can be downloaded from Google Store and Apple Store. Interested clients can also contact Adnest Africa via; [email protected] and 0782957761 for more information.

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