Joseph Rotich: Tractor Driver Quits Job To Sell Cabbages, Manages To Buy Three Plots

Imagine going from driving tractors to raking upto Ksh800k from selling cabbages. It may sound like a remarkable transformation, but for Joseph Rotich, it has become a reality.

The farmer, also known as “Mtalii” or the Tractor Man, has gone from operating tractors to finding success through cabbage farming. After spending 15 years working as a tractor operator, Rotich decided to take a leap of faith and pursue farming.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

From Tractor Operator to Cabbage Entrepreneur

For the past eight plus years, Rotich has dedicated his efforts to cultivating cabbages on a one-acre farm near Lang Langa area in Gilgil. Prior to venturing into farming, he had worked as a tractor operator, but the job did not bring him the financial success he desired. 

However, Rotich’s decision to embrace self-employment through farming has proven to be a game-changer.

“There is no better job than farming. There is clean money which one can make in a short time if they work hard and remain focused,” he told Mt. Kenya Star in a 2019 interview.

The Bountiful Harvest and Lucrative Sales

Speaking of his venture in 2019, the farmer said he had planted 12,000 pieces of cabbages in his one-acre farm. According to Rotich, each piece was going for Ksh70 and if the season was bot good, he would still sell at a minimum of Ksh20 apiece.  

With such projections, he would makes sales ranging from Sh240,000 to an astounding Sh840,000. Remarkably, his production costs are estimated to stay below Sh50,000 if all goes well.

Transforming Lives and Investing in the Future

With the proceeds from his sales, he has been able to feed his family and educate his children, with three already completing college and the remaining two in high school. 

Rotich’s success has enabled him to purchase two plots of land, each costing Sh400,000 and Sh250,000, and develop them into valuable assets. Moreover, he has built rental houses that provide him with a steady additional income.

Diversification and Cows as a New Source of Revenue

Rotich has set his sights on expanding his agricultural pursuits further. He plans to raise Sh400,000 to acquire another plot where he intends to build structures for his cows.

With over ten cows purchased from the proceeds of cabbage sales, Rotich not only feeds them but also generates income from the surplus milk. 

His monthly earnings from milk production range between Sh10,000 and Sh15,000, adding to the profitability of his farming endeavours.