Judy Thuo: Journey To Becoming Managing Director Of Citi Hoppa Limited

Judy Thuo is an accomplished entrepreneur with a solid record of accomplishment in start-up companies, sourcing funding, organizing structures, and recruiting top talent.

With 19 plus years of experience, she is a visionary leader known for her business acumen and strategic decision-making abilities. 

She is the widow of the late Juja MP George Thuo, who was also the founder of Citi Hoppa. 

Judy Wamaitha Thuo has not only made significant contributions to the business world but has also displayed resilience and determination in the face of personal challenges.

Following the untimely passing of her husband, Judy faced the daunting task of carrying on their shared vision and legacy.

Here is her journey to becoming the MD of Citi Hoppa as told by WoK.


Judy pursued her higher education at Daystar University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.

Her time at Daystar University provided her with a strong foundation in business principles and effective communication.

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, Judy further honed her skills by studying Logistics Management at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, enhancing her expertise in the field.

Career in Advertising

Judy’s career journey took off when she entered the advertising industry, working at renowned agencies such as Y&R and SCANAD.

These experiences allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the marketing landscape and refine her skills in strategic planning and client management.

Judy’s dedication and exceptional performance in these roles paved the way for her to assume leadership positions in prominent organizations.

Founding MarketPoint

In 1997, Judy embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by founding MarketPoint in Malawi, an advertising and marketing advisory firm.

With a strategic approach and a client-focused mindset, Judy secured blue-chip clients such as SOBO (Carlsberg), Coca Cola, and Commercial Bank.

Under her leadership, MarketPoint rapidly grew to become the third-largest agency in the country, thanks to her innovative ideas and pioneering efforts in media monitoring.

Establishing Beck & Call Limited

Continuing her entrepreneurial endeavors, Judy established Beck & Call Limited in Nairobi, Kenya. The company focused on the distribution of the largest newspaper and international magazines in the Nairobi North region.

Judy’s visionary leadership and business acumen were instrumental in the success of Beck & Call, positioning the company as a key player in the distribution industry.

Becoming Managing Director of City Hopper Limited

In January 2004, she assumed the role of MD at City Hopper Limited, a position she continues to hold today.

In her position, she oversees the overall operations and strategic direction of the company, leveraging her extensive experience and leadership skills to drive growth and success.

Under her guidance, City Hopper Limited has flourished and solidified its position as a leading company in the transportation industry.

Volunteer Work and Contributions

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Judy Thuo is actively involved in the community and serves on several boards.

She has made significant contributions as a Board Member of the Capital Markets Authority, playing a vital role in its growth and development.

Additionally, Judy serves as a Board Member for CFS Asset Management Limited Kenya and PesaPrint LTD., where she provides valuable insights and strategic guidance.

Skills and Expertise

Judy Thuo possesses a diverse skill set that encompasses board governance, fleet management, and entrepreneurship. Her extensive experience in leading and managing diverse teams, sourcing funding, and making strategic decisions has earned her a solid reputation as a respected business leader in Kenya.