Liz Aluvanze: The Engineer And Fitness Enthusiast At The Helm Of Aviation Body


Liz Aluvanze is an Aerospace Engineer by profession. She runs her own aviation consulting company called Skylar Consult. The company offers a variety of services to local and regional operators ranging from commercial, strategy, and operations set up.

She is also a fitness enthusiast and regularly documents her fitness journey. Other than that, she is also a fashion enthusiast and recently created an aviation-infused fashion blog called Liz Alu.

Tizi Talks With Liz Aluvanze - Interviews

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She has an Air Transport Master’s degree from Cranfield University and a BEng in Aerospace Engineering from Manchester University.

Aluvanze also practiced her internship at Fastjet, where she was based at London Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom (UK).


Liz was recently appointed as the new CEO of the Kenya Association of Air Operators (KAAO) by the Executive Committee. KAAO is the national umbrella body tasked with promoting, fostering, enhancing, and protecting the interests of those engaged in the Aviation Industry and allied businesses.

Liz Aluvanze appointed as CEO by Kenya Association of Air Operators - HapaKenya

Prior to her appointment as KAAO CEO, Liz has also worked in Air Transport Strategic Management, Air Transport Engineering, Regulatory Policy and Air Law with over eight years of professional experience. Before her current appointment, she worked at the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) on a contract basis after her stint in fleet development at the national carrier Kenya Airways.

Liz Aluvanze - Air Transport Consultant - Kenya Civil Aviation Authority | LinkedIn

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She has also worked and consulted in various sectors including Air Transport, Commercial, Fleet Development, Engineering and Engineering Services, Technical and Flight Operations.

Fitness Enthusiast

Tizi Talks With Liz Aluvanze - Interviews

In a past feature on fitness blog Tizi Talks, Aluvanze explained that she works out consistently. She also added that she had seen a significant improvement in terms of her health, skin and diet, further noting that she had experienced an improvement on her regular body outlook and sleep pattern.

Tizi Talks With Liz Aluvanze - Interviews

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