Owners Of The Popular Moran Lounge And Grill In Nanyuki

The Moran Lounge and Grill is one of the most popular entertainment joints in Nanyuki attracting revellers from as far as Nairobi. Apart from being a leading entertainment spot, the lounge is known for engaging in philanthropic acts.

In this article, WoK brings you the owners of the joint and what it has to offer.

Moran Lounge and Grill

Moran Lounge and Grill is a popular club famed beyond Laikipia county. The joint has assorted drinks ranging from local and international beers, gin and whiskey at affordable rates.

It has different theme nights categorized as Sunday Connect, Classic Soul Monday, The Arena Show Tuesday, Karaoke Show Wednesday, Reggae Night Thursday and Party Nights in Friday and Saturday.

Father Martin Ndegwa of St Teresa Equator Parish Nanyuki with Robert Kabata director of Moran lounge and grill in Nanyuki holding mass to bless the entertainment spot Photocredit/TheStar

The facility hosts different guest like DJ denno, Dj Kevru, Uncle Mesh and DJ Lemsky among others. It has ample parking and the security is top notch. 

The Owners Of The Lounge

The businessmen who are associated with the Moran Lounge are Francis Ngugi and Robert Kabata who serve as directors. The directors were first brought to the limelight in 2021 after they brought in a Catholic priest to pray for the club and bless it.

Father Martin Ndegwa of St Teresa Equator Parish, Nanyuki, prayed for the facility and went on to state that 20 percent of proceeds from the club has been helping children from Laikipia Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

“Restaurants and bar services were affected resulting in a smaller number of customers. It is through God’s grace that the entertainment joint survived the turbulent period. Even though we are yet to come out of the woods, we thank God for businesses,” he said.

He also urged the revellers to exercise caution while on the roads and not to drink and drive.

“Partygoers have families. They drive on the same roads as sober people. Consequently, I took it upon myself to urge them to drink responsibly, even as I uttered intercession prayers for them,” Father Ndegwa told the Standard.

Francis Ngugi, the co-director of the club revealed that he sought the spiritual intervention of a priest in order to start anew after the business was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Bars, just like other legal businesses, shouldn’t be frowned upon; the community that visits bars shouldn’t be prejudiced,” he stated.