Patrick Njoroge Wachira: The 12 Year Old Who Invented A Robot Detecting Sewerage Blockages, Teaches University Students

Patrick Njoroge Wachira: The 12 Year Old Who Invented A Robot Detecting Sewerage Blockages, Teaches University Students
Patrick Njoroge Wachira Photo/Njenga Hakeenah

Kenyans are known worldwide for their innovations and often coming up with brilliant ideas to solve complex problems. 12 year old Patrick Njoroge Wachira, who is the focus of this article, created a robot that is able to detect sewage blockages using sensors connected to smartphones-and alerts the control room to take preventive measures. 

Here is the interesting story of one Patrick Njoroge Wachira as told by WoK.

Patrick Njoroge Wachira

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Patrick Njoroge Wachira is the Founder and CEO of PNW Innovation Program – an initiative that he runs. In this program, he offers free computer lessons to university students. He developed a passion for computers in 2020 during the pandemic while aged 10 years old. With the country under a lockdown and schools closed, Wachira decided to spend most of his time on the computer to keep himself busy. He would learn new computer tricks online and repair the computers of his neighbours at his home backyard and through that he was able to learn the basics of the machine.

Inventing a Robot

With his knowledge of computers, the wonderkid embarked on a journey to build a robot. He was able to build a robot that is connected to a smartphone and allows users to detect sewerage blockages, sludges and toxic chemicals. The system sends an alarm to the control room in real time to allow users to undertake preventive measures incase of blockages. 

Moving to Dubai

The robotic invention brought a lot of attention to a point that he was invited to showcase it at the Kenyan Pavilion during the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) at the ongoing Expo 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). After landing in Dubai, he successfully got an opportunity to be trained by Unique World Robotics – a Dubai based robotic training institute. He has received skills in robotics, science, technology, engineering and Math from the institution.

After clearing the course, he is expected to receive a fully equipped truck with a robotics laboratory to facilitate his movements and launch of his project which is expected to be done in May. He is expected to travel with the truck which acts as a mobile lab, across Kenya teaching students computer programming, coding and hardware repairs.While Speaking with Khaleej Times, one of the leading publications in Dubai, Wachira noted that he is open to investors as well as collaborations.

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If I get a chance to implement my project in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), I will be happy to collaborate with any of the civic bodies in the Emirates, be it Dubai Municipality or Sharjah Municipality to implement this robotic solution,” he said.

Bansan Thomas George who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Unique World Robotics explained that Wachira is a dreamer and that he has been mentoring him since 2020.

“It was during the Covid-19 lockdown period that we received an email from Wachira and started working with him. We started mentoring him and his enthusiasm and talent drew our attention right from the beginning. We have seen passion and vision in him – in what he wants to do in Kenya,” he revealed during the interview with Khaleej Times.

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