Sally Runye: “I am Really Proud Of My Son” Kinuthia’s Mother On His Career

Sally Runye:

Cross-dresser TikTok content creator Kelvin Kinuthia’s mother has addressed her son’s behaviour on social media, noting that she supports his hustle.

In an interview on YouTube with Mungai Eve, the mother of three revealed that she has no problem with the kind of content her son produces, adding that it is all just for entertainment.

“I gave birth to a boy, Kinuthia. Whether he calls himself baby girl on social media or not. Whatever he is doing, cross-dressing is only for the internet and to entertain his fans.

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I am really proud of my son. He is actually stepping up and has fit perfectly into his father’s shoes,” she said.

Kinuthia’s mom also added that she was optimistic that Kinuthia will settle down and give her grandchildren. When asked which gender she wants for her first grandchild, she said a girl.

“I usually pray that he gets a wife and their first born should be a baby girl,” she added.

This comes a few days after the creative expressed his intention to get into a relationship. Through his socials, the content creator noted that he was tired of being single and wanted to have a lover.

In the post expressing his intention, Kinuthia added a photo of him wearing makeup, a pair of earrings, a wig, lipstick and eye shadow. He also wore a black dress, heels and stick on nails.

“Acha niseme ukweli, nimechoka kukaa single (To say the truth, I am tired of being single),” he declared.

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Earlier this year, the 21-year-old revealed that his mother was initially worried about his welfare and how he coped around social media trolls. He added that eventually she got used to the social media environment and is now at ease.

Kinuthia, who plays multiple female characters in his content, added that his mother loved the Aunty wa Harrier character and even bought him clothes for the character.

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