Side Hustles Of Veteran Vioja Mahakamani Actors

Vioja Mahakamani is a popular TV comedy series that airs on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation for over three decades. The program reenacts court proceedings in an educative yet hilarious way. The show is home to some of the best actors in the country who have been in the game for years. 

In this article, WoK takes a look at the side hustles of the actors. 

Hiram Muigai – Ondiek Nyuka Kwota

Hiram Muigai, popularly known as Ondiek Nyuka Kwota, played a lead role in the show. He exited the show and found a home in another Daktari show aired on KTN. The show went on to become the most watched TV Program in 2019.  This led the actor to land other casting roles in other TV programs such as Hullabaloo Estate which airs on Maisha Magic East. Apart from his acting career, Ondiek is Corporate MC moderating big events through his company – Eagle Team Media International Limited.

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Gibson Gathu Mbugua – Prosecutor

Gibson Gathu Mbugua alias prosecutor is a popular actor in Kenya. He played a role as a court prosecutor (Kiongozi wa Mashtaka) in the popular show. He would then quit alongside his fellow colleagues in solidarity with Vitimbi actors who had been shown the door due to their old age. He went on to land roles in different shows such as Varshita, Vitimbi, Jungu Kuu, Kivunja Mbavu and Mchezo wa Hadithi. Aside from acting, Gibson works with corporate brands in TV Commercials and advertisements. He has also worked in the Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture under the arts department. Gibson Gathu Mbugua recently went online to plead for financial aid from Kenyans after suffering a kidney failure.

Peter Sankale – Olexander Josephat

Peter Sankale, popularly known as Olexander Josephat, was one of the funniest man in the show. He joined Vioja Mahakamani in 1995 and was among the very first actors who pioneered the show. He left the show in 2015 after fellow actors Mzee Ojwang and Mama Kayai who were fired by KBC. He featured in Hullabaloo Estate show that aired on Maisha Magic East and later at Daktari show which aired on KTN. Olexander trooped back to KBC to revive the Vioja Mahakamani show in 2021.

Apart from acting, Olexander is an MC majorly covering weddings and other events.

Mathias Keya – Alfonse Makacha Makokha

Mathias Keya alias Alfonse dot Makacha dot Makokha is the guy who plays the hilarious luhya character in the show. The comedian also left the TV Show in 2015 and proceeded to feature on various TV shows including Jungu Kuu which aired on K24, Hullabaloo Estate which aired on Maisha Magic East and Daktari which aired on KTN. He would later return to the show in 2021 after KBC was rebranding.

Makokha is also in the corporate field doing brand endorsements and commercials for corporate companies.

Lucy Wangui – Judge

Lucy Wangui was the face of the Vioja Mahakamani show playing the serious and uncompromising judge. She was also among the actors who quit the show in solidarity with the Vitimbi actors who were shown the door due to their old age.  She has appeared in other TV Shows including Darubini, Vitimbi and Kivunja Mbavu which all aired on KBC. She has received several awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sixth edition of the Sanaa Theater Awards and Kalasha awards. During a past interview with KBC, Lucy revealed that she invested the money she was getting from her acting career and now she lives a decent life having educated her children to the best universities in the world. She however didn’t disclose her investments to the public.