Emmanuel Terer: From A Top News Anchor To A Thriving Hairdresser

Losing a job is a nightmare that many employed folk dread. The emotional impact of losing a job goes beyond financial stress and perhaps most significant effect is on our identity or sense of self, especially if your job entails being in the limelight.

This is the story of Emmanuel Terer, a former news anchor and producer who lost his job at Switch TV during the COVID-19 pandemic as told by WoK. The good part is that he did not give up. He shifted his focus and establishes a hair dressing business.

In an interview with Nation.Africa, Emmanuel revealed that he decided to try a hand in the hairdressing and beauty industry despite people mocking him. He added that he takes pride in it since it pays his bills.

He further revealed that he learnt hairdressing when he was still in primary school. After completing his high school education, his parents were unable to send him to further his studies. He later enrolled in a beauty college where he perfected his skills and got his first job.

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After losing his TV job, Terer went back to hairdressing and a friend who owns a salon agreed to give him a job.

At the moment, he serves at least five clients a day and makes up to Ksh. 1, 500 per client. He also does manicure and pedicure as well as massage, making at least Ksh. 40,000 per month.

Former TV anchor Emmanuel Terer went back to hairdressing when he lost his job to Covid-19

Going back to his media interest, Terer also produces short videos under the Wosia Wa Terer brand on his social media platforms. To supplement his income, he also sells ladies’ shoes.

Emmanuel TererĀ is among a number of journalists who have successfully started and run their own businesses after leaving media houses. He is proof that with the right attitude, anyone is able to make something of themselves even after losing their job.

In December last year, Switch TV through its media group Chairman, Sahil Shah, stated that they will be ceasing all on-air operations. The move was to allow the station to focus on the digital space, a move that led to a massive firing of its staff.

Shah explained that Switch Media decided to fully transition to the audio-visual and digital space in line with market demands.