Njoro wa Uba: Actors Behind The Popular TV show

Njoro wa Uba is one of those TV series many kenyans continue to keep up with because they easily relate with the struggles of the main act. Imagine having lost a good job and being forced to venture into a new career you probably never imagined yourself in. As you have seen from Njoro’s experience – it’s never that easy.

Below is a of four actors and their roles as featured on the TV series as compiled by WoK.

Njoro wa Uba

Joe Kinyua, popularly known as Njoro, is the main character who plays the role of a single dad but happens to lose his job at a bank he had been working at and is now forced to hustle as he has a daughter depending on him.

Njoro then ends up as a cab driver to make ends meet as his problems keep coming at him not forgetting the many debts that continue piling up.

One thing that however stands is that through the many clients he gets to drive around; he learns that he is not alone in the daily struggles of life…hence motivating him to keep pushing towards his success.

Stacy (Njoro’s daughter)

Shakaina Glory plays the role of Stacy, the daughter of Njoro wa Uba who is in primary school. Having been raised by her dad, of course the pre teen doesn’t open up as much especially after Njoro wa Uba lost his job at the bank.

She goes through alot of mixed feelings and ends up seeking guidance and counselling to help her process the changes in her life; but as you know – pre teens can be hard to handle – but the good thing about her is she stands by her dad through the challenges.


Kui Kubala known as Cess is the girlfriend to the Uber driver and just like many relationships our here, the two get to show their struggles as a TV couple.

Like I said, they both face life struggles together, alleged infidelity and of course, also help each other raise young Stacey.

Jezebel (Shosh)

Jane Wambui known as Shosh or better Jezebel from Njoro wa Uba is a character that many hate to love thanks to her wicked ways.

She perfectly brings out the role of some mother in laws with boundary issues, problematic, always rooting for Njoro’s downfall….but one thing many agree with is that she is hilarious.

Literally a funny woman who will crack up your ribs and at the same time, help you understand how inlaws roll at times.