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Melody Sinzore : From A KBC Intern To One Of The Best Radio Presenters In Kenya

For more than a decade, Melody Sinzore has commanded the airwaves. Her fluent, flowery Swahili accent and skill in presenting has made her a household name in the country.

She is not only known for her presentation skills but her online presence where she works with brands and encourages her followers.

Here is her story as told by WoK.


The university of Nairobi graduate began her journalism career at KBC where she first worked as an intern.

Her skill and fluency in articulation landed her a job on Radio Citizen where she has worked to date.

She has hosted various shows on the show alongside hosts, like, Inspector Mwala (who retired from media), Jerida Andayi and Vincent Ateya.

She is especially famous for co-hosting the morning show, Jambo Kenya, that has kept thousands of Kenyans tuned in to Radio Citizen.

The show is known for being vibrant, engaging and a great way for many to start their day.

Staying on Radio Citizen

While many journalists move to several stations in search of better terms, she has chosen to stay on Radio Citizen. She has said that money is not as important as goals and her heart is at peace at Royal Media Services.

In a recent interview, she revealed that Radio Citizen was home and that she had received many offers to join other stations but turned them down.

Mialiko ninapata na nashukuru sana. Kwa sababu it only means that people are recognizing what we are doing, and people are happy to associate with me, Melody Sinzore; that’s why the offers are coming on the table,” she said in a past interview.

The presenter believes that she is serving her purpose through radio. A born again Christian, she believes that God has put her there in order to pass different messages to the society.

She is against gender based violence and the notion that women can only succeed using their bodies. Hence, through radio she is able to address these issues.

One of her well known hashtags is Ipo Siku meaning that a day is coming for everyone who is working hard to succeed.

Recently, Melody became a brand ambassador for Omega Opticians. She also works with various other brands and believes in giving it her all. On the issue of dating, the radio presenter has chosen to stay mum.