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The Best Branding Company in Kenya

The Best Branding Company in Kenya

Branding is the new norm for businesses, and in recent years branding companies have mushroomed in Kenya. These companies can offer great value for your business, and it is crucial to choose the one that will meet your needs. However, it is key to understand that branding goes beyond an attractive logo with numerous branding companies to choose from.

The benefits of branding are numerous, and to get the most out of your branding strategy, you need to use the services of experts. Ace Creative is a branding agency that are professionals in their craft, with years of experience in the industry, and they help businesses achieve a great brand strategy.

This article guide sheds light on the best branding company in Nairobi, Kenya and everything you need to know about branding.

What is branding?

To define branding, you first need to understand what is a brand. A brand can be defined as how a business, organization, or individual is viewed by those who experience it. It is more than a name, image, design, logo or symbol. A brand is simply the feeling that a product or business evokes.

Therefore, branding is the process of shaping the perception of a brand in the minds of stakeholders, customers, and even the product.

The importance of branding services for your business

Branding offers so much to businesses, and some of the benefits of using branding strategy for your business include:

Creates trust. Trust in business comes when customers know your business’s products or services. To build trust with your customers, you need to pass their test. Thus, a business professionally presenting itself is enough social proof that its services and products are high-quality. It makes prospects trust the business more and make them feel more comfortable giving their hard-earned money.

Improves recognition. Humans are emotional, and they are attracted to what they see. Your logo should speak more about your business, even though it should not end-all of your branding efforts. It requires time and effort to create a memorable logo. The logo should be attractive, give the desired impression for your business, and deliver the perfect message. It should be the think and feel you want your customers to feel.

Improves employee pride and satisfaction. Employees are the driving force behind any business. While anyone can hire employees, only a strong brand can motivate and inspire its employees. It helps them carry a vision and mission forward. When your brand carries pride, it will motivate employees to do well. A strong brand improves employee morale and productivity.

Generates new revenue. Referrals are the best way to get loyal customers. It explains why your logo, marketing and reputation need to cohesively form and form an unforgettable impression on consumers’ mind. To use your branding strategy to generate new revenue, you should always have your customer in mind, use emotion or create messaging that illustrates value.

Supports your marketing effort. Marketing is an essential component of any branding strategy. To help build your brand are different mediums and channels for marketing. When marketing, you should not focus on a narrow marketing plan, hindering your expansion into new markets. On the other hand, a broad marketing focus could make it impossible for you to build an impression in your consumers’ minds.

Generates new customers. An effective branding strategy will drum referrals for your business. The customers’ positive impression makes them spread word of mouth to their families and friends. Word of mouth will pass the perception and reinforce that brand. A positive reputation brings new customers to your business, making them purchase from your brand and not your competition.

Increases the value of your business. A strong brand gives your business more leverage in the industry. It makes your business more appealing to investors because of its established place in the marketplace. Branding incorporates reputation and value, resulting in influence, mindshare, and price premium.

How to identify great branding companies in Kenya

It is essential to invest in high-quality branding. Here are tips to help you identify the best branding companies in Kenya.

Process. Each branding agency outlines the general process of what their branding will look like. Before finalizing the deal, you should make sure to understand how they work. This may range from their research process, deadlines, the tools they use for efficiency and an understanding of their timeline. Also, how they communicate will determine the flow of the project.

Evaluate their area of expertise. It is crucial to understand the area of expertise that the branding agency provides. Understanding the business area where the potential branding partner excels will help you get the best services. Branding firms offer diverse services, and it is key to find the one that will suit your needs. Ensure they are well experienced in building brand strategy and bring it to life.

Experience. Examining the agencies’ portfolios and reviewing their satisfied customers and team members will give you a rough idea of the company. This base understanding will give you an actual design of what your potential partners can create, their marketing places and the results they can achieve.

Chemistry. When you work with a branding agency, it becomes a part of your team. Thus, it should be a good cultural fit. To have a smooth branding process, you should consider using an agency with a similar value proposition to your organization. Opt for agencies that are proactive, innovative and collaborative. Branding your business requires a lot of collaboration between you and your agency. To have a good experience, your team should have good chemistry with the branding agency.

Portfolio and referrals. It is essential to check their previous work. This gives a clear idea of what to expect from the branding agency and its level of expertise. When going through their portfolio, look for innovation, diversity and creativity. Check their success stories to tell you how the business reached its goals. While every branding agency will tell you they will get the job done, they must back it up with results.

Understand the ROI. Lastly, it might be difficult to look past a hefty fee that you can pay at once or partially. You should be careful and take your time while researching to evaluate the potential your business might hold in the future. Ask questions, conduct your research, know the pricing levels and make sure you understand the competence and their work history.

How to build a brand in Kenya that people love

Here are practical tips that you can use to build a compelling brand for your business.

  • Do your market research
  • Work on a unique value proposition
  • Use a brand name that will deliver your message
  • Communicate effectively
  • Build an emotional connection

When you put the above tips into practice, you are sure your branding strategy will be successful.

Branding prices in Kenya

The prices of most branding companies in Kenya differ depending on the size of the company, the product that is being rebranded, and the size of the branding agency. The services provided by branding companies differ as some companies provide communication strategies and they set the tone while others expect the client to do all the heavy lifting.

Also, the brand strategy of a five-person startup and a thousand employees cannot cost the same. When calculating the cost, use cases, many mediums, and overall legacy of the brand should be considered. There is no fixed price for branding in Kenya and the price ranges.

What are your branding goals?

Businesses differ, and so does their branding goals. When explaining your branding needs to an agency, you need to carefully and clearly define them to be well understood.

The end goal of any business that uses a branding company is to have an effective branding strategy that will increase its value.

Elements of branding

In Kenya, the scope of branding agencies differ. However, there are key deliverables of what you can expect from a branding project. They include:

  • Visual identity/logo
  • Signages
  • Company merchandise
  • Company name development
  • Brand story/positioning/messaging
  • Marketing website
  • Social media branding
  • Product visual design

Hiring Professional Branding Services

It can be daunting building and maintaining a brand in Kenya. Branding is more than an image, logo or symbol that includes every aspect of how your business is represented. Branding involves everything about a business, thus to make the most out of your business, you should work with the best branding company in Kenya. Look no further than Ace Creative, who are professionals who will help you create an effective branding strategy for your business.

They will help reflect your company’s vision. Connect with them via wecare@acecreative.co.ke for any enquiries you might have. Take your branding strategy to the next level and help grow your business. Ace Creative, They will help you with a branding strategy to meet your needs at affordable rates. Give us a call on +254 722 856 286 or +254 733 836 639 for more details.